Ah yes. I haven't picked up a camera other than my phone all year. My day job saps me of all the mental and creative energy, even though it's not a "creative" job per-se, it requires 360 degrees of my brain for a solid 8-10 hours of a day. Add to that the reality that my back can't sit in a chair (or stand at my desk for that matter) for one more minute to even consider writing something or editing a photo... I'm usually either trying to move in some way that doesn't injure myself (harder than it sounds) or, sadly, usually just prone and watching Netflix when I'm not working these days. I've also lost my muse - my daughter - who, at 14, would rather be poked in the eye with a hot rod than have the camera turned on her. Usually traveling sparks my desire to photograph but I was in NYC in November with my camera and basically left it in my bag most of the time, in favor of the quick and thoughtless use of my phone camera for some basic snaps.

So, yeah, in a massive creative dip right now. The guitar is lonely, the electric piano dusty, the camera... I don't even know where it is, and my own blog a demonstration of fits and spurts.

I'm just holding onto the thought that this is a season and trying not to guilt myself about it. Fortunately (or not depending on your perspective), it is no longer tied to my income so that makes it a bit easier to do.

Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable. Loving your posts.

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